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Public Server Rules


Always stay in character and keep everything in the city.

Unless dealing with an Admin, Mod, or staff situation do not go out of character. Stay in character while in-game, and keep in-game drama, gang beef, etc. in-game.

Harassment and OOC (Out-Of-Character) insults will not be tolerated.

Racism and other derogatory language will not be tolerated. We will not provide you with a list of banned words, and we expect you to know what is and isn't appropriate when interacting with other people.

Your way is not always the right way.

Just because you were caught, killed, or didn't come out as the "winner" of a scenario doesn't mean you have been wronged. Roleplay can go in any direction and that means it doesn't always go the way you want it.

Do not use exploits, hacks, sky packs, blood fx, sound packs, or menus. If you do, you will be banned.

If you are unsure if something you do will break the rules, it is probably safer that you do not do it.



Randomly killing players will not be tolerated and killing/attempting to kill someone with no roleplay or reason is forbidden.

  • Examples of “RDM”:
    • Randomly shooting at someone you've never interacted with. 
    • Killing someone for a minor reason such as crashing into your vehicle or insulting you.
    • Shooting up a gas station’s pumps to kill as many people as possible.
  • Examples of what “RDM” isn’t:
    • Doing a drive-by on an enemy gang during an active gang war.
    • Being killed by someone whom you assaulted.
    • Being killed by police for attempting to violently interfere with a scene.
    • Being killed by a stray bullet in the middle of a gang war you shouldn't be involved in.

Killing players in general should be seen as a last resort. Please make sure that when killing someone it makes sense depending on the RP scenario you are participating in. 



Running over players and running into other people's vehicles is not allowed.

  • Examples of “VDM”:
    • Killing players using a vehicle. 
    • Intentionally ramming other vehicles to disable them.
  • Examples of what “VDM” isn't:
    • Running over a player as a last resort for survival if they are shooting at you.
    • Police using pitting maneuvers to stop vehicles during a chase.
    • Accidentally getting into a car accident or hitting a player while they are jaywalking.



Intentionally forcing, pressuring, or baiting someone into a roleplay situation that they cannot opt out of is considered power gaming and is forbidden.

  • Examples of “Power Gaming”:
    • Holding someone hostage for no reason and refusing to let them go.
    • Seeing /me commands through a wall and using that knowledge to take advantage of a situation.
    • Sprint grabbing or cuffing someone. 
    • Pulling out a vehicle from a garage in the middle of a police chase.
    • Abusing bulletproof vehicles to stay safe from violent RP scenarios.
    • Abusing personal vehicles to complete jobs quicker than it would take with the designated job vehicle that is provided.
    • Abusing animations and tasks to avoid an interaction.
    • Cancelling animations to complete jobs or actions faster.
    • Sharing inventories or assets across characters. 
  • Examples of what “Power Gaming” isn't:
    • Holding someone hostage during a robbery for a reasonable amount of time.
    • Being robbed at gunpoint.
    • Using your police car to block an escaping criminal. 



Not valuing your life and the lives of others is forbidden. You must value your life, and additionally, you must value the lives of others and the consequences killing someone would bring.

  • Examples of “Not Valuing Life”:
    • Being robbed and telling the robber to kill you because you don't want to hand over your stuff.
    • Instantly killing someone over a passing joke or insult.
    • Jumping off high bridges or buildings without a parachute.
    • Sending your car off a bridge or into water to avoid being arrested.
    • Killing yourself or your friends to avoid going to jail.
  • Examples of what “Not Valuing Life” isn’t:
    • Running down the highway during a pursuit after your car breaks down.
    • Killing someone after multiple insults to your gang, car, family, and pet goldfish.



When dying or respawning at the hospital, you must experience a "new life" and forget what you saw, heard, or experienced leading up to your death, and using any knowledge to take revenge can be considered metagaming. Returning to the scene of a crime, violent altercation, or after death immediately is considered a violation of this rule, unless you survive through surgery. You must wait 30 minutes after your death to return to an area with an active scene or situation.

  • Examples of following the “New Life Rule”:
    • Being saved by an EMS and then taking revenge on the person who killed you.
    • Participating in a gang war started over your death.
    • Return to the scene of your death to pick up your car after 30 minutes.
  • Examples of not following the “New Life Rule”:
    • Being killed by a rival gang, respawning, and then telling your gang who and where you were killed.
    • Arresting someone after they have bled out and respawned.
    • Telling someone how their "cousin" died.
    • Remembering someone you killed.



Abusing game mechanics to give you advantages through any abuse of mechanics is forbidden and will be strictly enforced.

  • Examples of exploiting:
    • Making multiple characters and giving away the starter money is forbidden.
    • Using any mod menu or exploit will result in an instant ban.
    • Quitting the game to avoid being arrested, robbed, or dying otherwise known as combat logging.
    • Selling drugs through walls or finding ways to avoid the hand-off animation. 
    • Abusing emotes to break into areas.
    • Using special texture packs such as sky packs to make people more visible or unrealistically modify the sky (texture packs are allowed, NO DAYTIME ONLY).
    • Unrealistic blood fx.
    • Kill effects (other than what comes default to GTA) including headshot effects.
    • No texture packs that make objects invisible or remove collisions.
    • Sound packs that amplify footsteps.



Breaking character or going out of character is forbidden. Players are expected to stay in character at all times while in the city unless dealing with staff directly. You must do your best to roleplay a situation, even if the other player attempts to break character.

  • Examples of “Breaking Character”:
    • Threatening to call the admin or interfering with an admin handling a situation.
    • Saying someone is fail RPing, breaking character, referencing servers, safe zones, and other game mechanics.
    • Threatening to get someone banned over breaking rules rather than just reporting the offense.
    • Phrases and words such as but not limited to:
      • “Catching a flight.” 
      • "Clip it and ship it"."
      • “Bahamas.”
      • “Saucing.”
  • Examples of not "Breaking Character":
    • Talking out of character when an admin is present and has declared the situation is OOC.
    • Recording a violation of rules, then submitting a ticket outside of the situation.
    • Stopping someone from forcing RP with you in an inappropriate or derogatory way.



Using knowledge gained outside of your character's experiences, outside communication (Discord), or any other out-of-game platform is forbidden.

  • Examples of “Metagaming”:
    • Using Discord to tell your friends you're being robbed so they can rescue you.
    • Coordinating throughout a gang war on Discord.
    • Stream sniping or streaming to your friends so they know where you are.
  • Examples of what isn't “Metagaming”:
    • Talking to your in-game friends while not playing.
    • Streaming your gameplay to friends who aren't playing or in the city.
    • Discussing in-game events out of character while not in the city.

Please make sure when you report metagaming, you provide contextual evidence that can be linked to a certain time, certain person, or group of people, and shows information actively being shared to gain an in-game advantage. 



Fail roleplay (Fail RP) is the act of failing to roleplay, not taking roleplay seriously, or generally treating the city as a non-roleplay environment which is forbidden. It includes, but is not exclusive to: exploiting, power gaming, and breaking character.

  • Examples of “Fail Roleplay”:
    • "GTA Driving" or driving recklessly everywhere you go.
    • Baiting police, attempting to bait players to chase and fight you.
    • Intentionally breaking scenes with no build-up, reason, or stream snipe.
    • Using /me to talk instead of using /me to only show actions
    • Taking your friend as a fake hostage in a robbery scenario. 
    • Shooting a cop after being arrested “just for arresting you.”
    • Shooting at someone while carrying a player.
    • Following through with a hit taken out on someone or creating a hit on someone which was made for no actual RP reason. 
    • “Running the ones” with your friends (for example at places like red garage or near safe zone, just go to the arena).
    • Refusing to leave the area and follow lawful orders when police are trying to contain a crime scene.
    • Body camping or hanging around at a crime scene to make sure EMS or other players don't pick up bodies. Telling them to leave the first time is fine, but staying to make sure no one gets picked up is against the rules.
    • Repeating RP scenarios over and over.
    • Wearing gang-affiliated clothing while not on a gang whitelist. 
  • Examples of what isn't “Fail Roleplay”:
    • Roleplaying in an unconventional manner or an unconventional character within the world.
    • Creating unconventional roleplay situations and events that still fit within the city.
    • Refusing to roleplay a situation that has devolved into “Power Gaming” or forced roleplay.

Standing around camping bodies to shoot at police or simply camping bodies for long periods to force respawn people is considered Fail RP. If you intend to force someone to fatal, then you're not RPing, just trying to abuse a mechanic.



Safe zones are various areas around the city designated by city officials as being safe from things like dying, killing, and theft. You'll find these in areas like pillbox, the car dealership, and garages. Safe zones are NOT the same as red zones. These are the rules you must follow while in a safe zone:

  • You are allowed to:
    • Get searched or arrested by police if you are caught doing something illegal.
  • You are not allowed to:
    • Camp or run into safe zones to avoid dying during an active confrontation.
    • Steal out of trunks.
    • Lockpick and steal locked cars.
    • Conduct drug deals or weapon deals and use the safe zone as protection.
    • Handcuff others.
    • Shoot directly outside of or in the surrounding areas of a safe zone and other unrealistic areas such as police stations.
    • Hold police or other civilians hostage.
    • Rob or kidnap people.



Life on the streets of Los Santos isn’t easy, and coming up from the bottom to rule the dirty underbelly of this city is even harder. Gangsters, killers, and thieves may not follow the law, but they are all bound by a common code. This code allows the criminal world to survive and thrive without drawing the attention of the authorities, or worse yet the government. To maintain the balance, the OGs of this city have instituted a list of those criminals who have fallen so low as to break this code and bring heat to the criminal underworld. Those found to have broken core rules and laws regularly (such constant mass rule-breaking) or in such a manner that damages the city (exploiting or hacking) as a whole and warrants such action will be unceremoniously driven out, shunned, and forever labeled as excommunicado. 

  • Excommunicated can participate in:
    • Whitelisted jobs such as EMS, PD, and other businesses (this is completely up to the business owner or department chief if you can be hired).
  • Excommunicated cannot participate in:
    • Any gangs or being involved in any gang-related activity. 
    • Criminal activity period.
    • Owning a business.

Those labeled as excommunicado are expected to be treated with disdain by all of the criminal elements of this city and driven out of drug zones, prevented from producing and trafficking drugs, and any other sort of illicit activity. Someone who is excommunicado has been relegated to civilian life and nothing else. Examples of what gangs and other civilians should do if they encounter someone who is excommunicado:

  • If someone excommunicado ends up on a gang whitelist and participates in illegal activity, that whitelist risks being temporarily/permanently disbanded.
  • If you see someone who is excommunicado on the street after being injured during an altercation ask for help. You are expected to leave them there.
  • If someone who is excommunicado tries to buy a gun from you, you refuse to sell to them and tell them to leave. If they insist you may kill them.
  • If you see another gang getting help from someone who is excommunicado. Report his activity to staff or any of your higher-ups.

Getting taken off excom will require time, activity, and minimal criminal activity as well as good behavior when it comes to city rules. To get removed from excom you must do the following and create a ticket under the excom appeal category including:

  • Not engaging in criminal activity or being banned for at least a month. Any serious arrests or bans that occur during this time will reset the period. 
  • Require and provide a thoughtful recommendation from the chiefs of PD, EMS, and BCSO.
  • Require and provide a thoughtful recommendation from at least 3 well-established OG gang leaders to be removed.
  • Being active in a whitelisted job or other business will help your chances of getting taken off excom.

You can utilize tools via Discord such as the “/xcomm” command to check a player's excommunicado status.



When roleplaying with or roleplaying as law enforcement, there are several rules.


As a law enforcement officer across either department, there are certain rules to follow when being caught doing illegal activity by LEOs and when LEOs are interacting with you after seeing you do something illegal. While there are plenty of things that are allowed regarding both of these perspectives, the rules that aren't allowed should be reported either in a whitelist job report or player report ticket which will first be reviewed and handled at a staff level. The rules are as follows:

Disclaimer: Any actions that are taken by either LEOs or criminals/civilians need to be prefaced by some interaction. 

  • LEOs are allowed to:
    • Request SOEs on gangs or gang territories. 
    • Respond to gang wars even if they are outnumbered (utilizing the tools they have at their disposal such as SWAT, SOE vehicles, etc.).
    • Tase suspects while cuffed if they continue to flee from police custody.
    • Shoot at suspects while they are actively drawing a gun or refusing to put a gun away after several lawful orders. 
    • Arrest individuals for repeatedly involving themselves in an active crime scene.
    • Patrol the prison with or without reason. 
  • LEOs are not allowed to: 
    • Silent cuffing or arresting someone with no interaction even if you saw them commit a crime. 
    • Cuffing people mid-animation without interacting with them first.
    • Sprint cuffing or grabbing individuals.
    • Participating in corrupt cop RP (must be reported first to staff to verify before action in the city can be taken). 
    • Spam taze suspects. 
    • Putting people “through bars” instead of opening cell doors properly. 
    • Holding onto someone while they are not in cuffs. 
    • Using desync as an advantage during a police pursuit to arrest a suspect. The scenario should be reset or the individual should be let go depending on the severity.
  • Civilians and criminals are allowed: 
    • Flee from the police when they have an active warrant for their arrest.
    • Flee from the police when they have illegal items visible on their persons.
    • Shoot at the police if you are already in an active gang shootout. 
    • Leading officers into an ambush during an active SOE3 or warrants out for your arrest that would send you to jail for a maximum time and fine.
    • Shooting at an officer during an active SOE3 or warrants out for your arrest that would send you to jail for a maximum time and fine.
  • Civilians and criminals are not allowed to:
    • Abuse desync to escape locked cell doors.
    • Shoot at an officer when the original crime you committed would be less jail time.
    • Leading officers into an ambush when the original crime committed would be less jail time. 
    • Putting hits out on cops after being arrested or over one-sided beef. 
    • Using more than one vehicle for a robbery, using the same vehicle to hit multiple robberies in a day, and using luxury cars for robberies.

This list of rules is subject to change.



As a paramedic in the city or a civilian interacting with a paramedic, there should be certain rules to follow throughout RP scenarios. While there are plenty of things that are allowed regarding both of these perspectives, the rules that aren't allowed should be reported either in a whitelist job report or player report ticket which will first be reviewed and handled at a staff level. The rules are as follows:

Disclaimer: Any actions that are taken by either EMTs or criminals/civilians need to be prefaced by some interaction. 

  • EMTs are allowed to:
    • Communicate with PD when checking in criminals such as people with visible high-powered weapons on their person. They are required to report criminal activity that occurs within their hospital doors to the authorities. 
    • Prioritize picking up PD over criminals at active crime scenes.
    • Revive people on the scene for things like dehydration/starvation or car accidents. 
    • Blacklist gangs from being picked up by EMTs if they threaten their lives or shoot at them.
  • EMTs are not allowed to: 
    • Run around in the middle of gang wars to pick up bodies. If active shooting is happening, EMTs should immediately leave the scene until it is safe to come back. 
    • Driving with a stretcher in their hands. 
    • Revive people on the scene if they were shot or the victim violent crime. 
  • Civilians and criminals are allowed: 
    • Threaten EMS to leave a crime scene such as a cop shootout to not pick up bodies.
    • Shoot at EMS if they are refusing to leave the scene after being informed to NOT pick up bodies.
    • Threaten EMS to revive someone with non-severe injuries. 
  • Civilians and criminals are not allowed to:
    • Shoot at EMS for refusing to pick up bodies due to a blacklist.
    • Shoot at EMS for refusing to revive someone on the scene for severe injuries. 

This list of rules is subject to change.



As an employee of the Department of Transportation or civilian interacting with said workers, there should be certain rules to follow throughout RP scenarios. While there are plenty of things that are allowed regarding both of these perspectives, the rules that aren't allowed should be reported either in a whitelist job report or player report ticket which will first be reviewed and handled at a staff level. The rules are as follows:

  • DOT workers are allowed to:
    • Interact with criminals or civilians to determine whether a car should be impounded or not. 
    • Provide or distribute repair kits to help people move their cars to a legal spot. 
    • Tow cars that are parked in illegally.
    • Tow cars in gang territory after shots have ceased and EMS or LEOS have arrived on the scene to pick up bodies. 
  • DOT workers  are not allowed to: 
    • Deny civilians or criminals of interaction by towing their car without giving them any opportunity to move it.
    • Tow vehicles while people are inside the car. If people are parked improperly then the authorities should be called to assist you with the situation. 
    • Tow emergency vehicles, unless a significant amount of time has passed. 
    • Tow cars in an active gang war while dead bodies are still lying around.
    • Tow cars that are parked legally.
    • Towing cars by just pressing "E" rather than pulling out the tow bed. 
  • Civilians and criminals are allowed: 
    • Bribe employees to not tow their cars.
    • Interact with and move their vehicles when directed by DOT workers. 
  • Civilians and criminals are not allowed to:
    • Threaten or shoot DOT to not tow their vehicle or a vehicle of someone they know. 

This list of rules is subject to change.



Part of a healthy justice system is the ability to seek legal advice and assistance from lawyers and legal professionals. The Los Santos Bar Association (LSBA) is always accepting applications from people seeking to represent the accused of Los Santos.

  • Lawyers are required to:
    • Pass the LSBA Bar Exam ( https://forms.gle/J73HgKNfNWKzAzry7 ).,
    • Be in good standing with city officials. People with multiple bans and reports will not be allowed to be lawyers.
    • Have been a citizen for at least one month.
    • Carry their LSBA membership card and a form of identification any time they are acting as a lawyer or legal representative
    • Be presentable and professional in your appearance and behavior.
    • Maintain a relatively clean record.

Passing the LSBA bar exam issues an LSBA membership card, which lawyers may present to LSPD and the courts if they must represent a client. If you do not have an LSBA membership card and a form of identification on you, LSPD and the courts may reject you from entering the premises. Lawyers are expected to maintain a basic level of legal knowledge and be able to pass the LSBA bar exam. Lawyers may occasionally be tested on their knowledge, and those found to have cheated on the exam or unable to answer basic legal questions and scenarios will be disbarred permanently.

Lawyers are allowed to: 

  • Charge for their services or work pro-bono as they are not a whitelisted job or career. 
  • Represent clients that need legal assistance. 
  • Present a case in court when approved by a judge for a client. 

Lawyers are not allowed to:

  • Represent someone while off-duty. 
  • Intentionally delay RP, stall for time, or just generally waste the time of LEOs.
  • Disrespect LEOs when trying to gather information regarding a case. 
  • Harass LEOs for information regarding a case unless it is purposely being hidden. 
  • Request a trial for a client who pleads guilty. 
  • Self represent. 
  • Dress inappropriately in a case or casual clothing. 
  • Represent someone while being clocked in as an LEO. 
  • Dodge phone calls from people who may require their assistance. 

Also, note that LEOs or city officials can revoke your license at any point if you do not maintain a professional and active standing. 




Robberies, crime, and shakedowns are accepted aspects of city life, however, there are rules that you must consider before robbing someone:

  • You can rob:
    • Gang members as an opposing gang member outside of red zones.
    • Regular civilians in red zones.
    • Gang members as civilians in red zones.
  • You cannot rob:
    • White-listed jobs such as EMS, police, and other players actively working a whitelisted job.
    • Someone while in the middle of a delivery job, and inversely you cannot be robbed in the middle of a job (this means someone in the middle of an animation or job action). However, being on the job does not give you a blanket exemption from robberies and, given the right scenario, you can be robbed while on the way to sell fish or finish your delivery run.
    • New players by camping spawn areas or job sites.
    • Regular civilians that are outside of red zones.
    • Gang members as a civilian while not in a red zone.

Red zones are zones of illegal activity such as gang territories, drug locations (processing/picking), drug zones, and other illegal locations such as, but not limited to; chop shops, black markets, money laundering, etc. Red zones do not include pawn shops or diving locations. Safe zones are also areas where robbing isn't allowed.

You may steal:

  • Everything in a player's inventory to an extent but you may not force a player to give you their debit card pin or to withdraw money from their ATM.
  • A player's car. However, you may not force a player to give you the keys to their car.

Also note, that wearing gang attire while not in an actual whitelisted gang does not give you the exceptions that actual gang members have. As long as you are not in a whitelisted gang that is established, these rules apply to you as a civilian


While much of this falls under robberies such as but not limited to not scamming people in safe zones or unrealistic locations. We understand there's a moment when too much is too much. While keeping the integrity of organic RP intact there must be limits in place so that freedoms are not taken for granted and ultimately abused.

  • You cannot scam people for assets such as cars and/or houses.
  • You cannot scam people for unrealistic amounts of money (greater than $100,000).
  • You cannot use forms of metagaming to conduct scams that should be done within the game only.
  • You can scam people for any amount of dirty money and illegal items.



A business is a service you provide to the city of Los Santos whether it's providing food, entertainment, or repairing cars. Anything that requires you to have an active business license falls under this category. If you choose to serve the community by providing various services, some rules must be followed:

  • Businesses are allowed to:
    • Provide services in exchange for money in the amount they decide.
    • Can decide who is allowed to work for them and who isn't if the tools allow.
    • Can ask/hire a gang for protection.
    • Can aggressively compete with other opposing businesses.
    • Have business discords and community groups.
    • Can have gang affiliation (HOWEVER, only one legal business front can be owned by a gang at a time collectively. This doesn't include gang protection).

Players can acquire businesses by getting a business license or purchasing a business through an auction. Please note that you must have deity supporter to submit a business proposal. Below are the requirements for both of these situations:

  • Business License Requirement:
    • Must have at least 4 accumulated days of playtime in the city.
    • Must have a business idea and resources to allow for it (such as map mods or other imported items if necessary) 
    • Must pitch your business idea to the city officials for approval.
    • A non-refundable deposit will be required for obtaining your business license upon approval.

Businesses can also be purchased by players when they go up for auction, which occurs when businesses get reclaimed by the city when they go either inactive or are closed down due to mass amounts of illegal activity occurring within them. To purchase a business during an auction you must follow these rules:

  • Business Purchasing Requirements:
    • Relatively clean ban record.
    • Must NOT currently own a business.
    • Must be able to make payment at the end of the auction.
    • Must not be in a gang that already owns a business.

As a final note, staff will not:

  • Mediate between businesses.
  • Mediate between gangs and businesses.
  • Mediate between businesses and police.
  • Provide you with any sort of incentives for being a large business.



These rules and requirements apply to gang members in a whitelisted gang. 


Without the seedy underground, gangs, and criminal networks what kind of city would Los Santos be? However, even gangs have rules they need to follow. Gang white-listing allows you to maintain your gang, "hire-and-fire" members, promote/demote, and gives you access to certain in-game mechanics only available to all gangs.

  • Gang Whitelist Requirements:
    • 5 or more established members when founding your gang (must be gang-free or wait 7 days once leaving a gang).
    • 3,000,000 Dirty money to bribe city officials (subject to change at any time).
    • Must have some sort of rank system. You can have as many ranks as you'd like but must specify the order you want them and which ranks require access to the recruit/gang menu.

Once you have these, open a ticket with your gang name, color, and rank system. If you are approved for the ticket you must then pay and coordinate your approval in-game. More information will be given when you are established.

  • Gangs are allowed to:
    • Claim colors, vehicles, and clothing.
    • Demand protection money.
    • Fight other gangs.
    • Claim and defend territory from other gangs.
    • Own legal front businesses.
    • Have gang discords and community groups.
    • Rob other gang-affiliated members outside of gang territories.
  • Gangs are not allowed to:
    • Demand unrealistic amounts of protection/tax money.
    • Conduct gang activity in unrealistic areas.
    • Act as friend groups and not gangs.
    • Use platforms like Discord to coordinate gang wars, send information, stream, or metagame.
    • Merge with others without reasonable time limits (members cannot leave and merge into another gang within 7 days).
    • Have more than 30 members. 

As a final note on gangs, if staff fails to see any activity from your gang for some time or mass amounts of rules are broken at the hands of your gang members, we have the right to disband your whitelist temporarily or permanently. Staff will also not:

  • Mediate between gangs.
  • Mediate between gangs and businesses.
  • Mediate between gangs and police.
  • "Whitelist" colors, clothing, cars, or any items in-game for specific gangs. 
  • Give you a location/HQ simply for being a gang.
  • Provide you with any sort of incentives for being a large gang.



With the introduction of a very advanced territory system to give criminal organizations a chance to thrive in the illegal market, compete to be the “top dog” and control the drug market; there are rules that MUST be followed.



When at war there are certain rules to abide by to make sure your activity as a gang member is not only realistic but a fair experience to all players involved. These are the rules that need to be followed while in an active war:

  • Activity that is allowed:
    • Killing someone wearing the target-affiliated gang flag and/or biker vest (cut) you’re currently at war with.
    • Killing someone on the job who's wearing the target-affiliated gang flag and/or biker vest (cut).
    • Killing someone wearing any affiliated gang flag and/or biker vest (cut) in an uncontrolled territory while not declared.
    • Killing someone attempting to scavenge for dropped weapons in the middle of a war.
  • Activity that isn't allowed:
    • Killing someone on the job who is not wearing a target-affiliated gang flag or biker vest(cut) (obviously rules of RP outside of gang wars still apply).
    • Killing someone for simply driving a car that has a paint job or lights the same color as the affiliated target gang.
    • Killing because they are at war with your “buddies” (you cannot kill an affiliated gang member(s) because you’re rolling around with a gang that's at war and get killed in the crossfire).
    • Shooting or running around with the gang picking up bodies and or weapons, unless you are affiliated and are wearing YOUR affiliated gang flag and or biker vest (cut).
    • Taking off gang-affiliated clothing whether to avoid conflict or not be recognized while at war.



When a territory is contested and currently fought for, other gangs have no business being there or trying to take it for themselves without declaring on one of the gangs fighting for that territory. Doing so may result in bans.



This DOES NOT apply to territory that’s contested or being fought for. These are territories that are not currently held by any gang and are unclaimed. These areas can be fought for without declaring war ONLY until the territory has been claimed and is under control. At that point, the rules change.



These areas can be fought for ONLY when at war. You cannot claim someone else's territory without declaring war first (this is enforced by game mechanics). “Rules of War” apply.


The cost of war can get expensive but if you’re smart about it you can make it cost effective. The base cost of war is 5000 each time you declare.

Z = (1000)V + (5000)W + (1000)X + (2500)Y

V = Amount of members

W = Multiplier (Goes up .5 each time you declare, and .2 when you declare back. Decreases slowly over time)

X = Difference of whitelist size (is 0 if the whitelist is smaller than the defending whitelist)
Y = Total Alliance Members (This is calculated by each whitelist size that is declared on or has been declared on)

If the gang has no blocks and Y = 0 then the base cost, W, and X are all 0. If Y is greater than 0 then everything still applies regardless if they have no blocks. For example:

  • Gang A has 25 members.
  • Gang B has 10 members, and has declared 3 times before without letting the multiplier cool down
  • Gang C has 30 members, and no blocks

Gang B declares on Gang A;
Z = (1000)10 + (5000)1.5 + (1000)0 + (2500)0

The cost is 17500

And their multiplier went up by another .5 so it will be 2.0 the next time they declare

Gang C declares on Gang B;
Z = (1000)30 + (5000)0 + (1000)20 + (2500)25
The cost is 75000

And their multiplier went up by .5 so it will be .5 the next time they declare

Gang A declares back on Gang B; (Literally NO reason to do this but w/e)

The cost is free HOWEVER their multiplier goes up by .2 so it will be .2 the next time they declare on a gang.

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